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Meditation - Helping the Legal Profession


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How lawyers alleviate stress

and gain greater productivity and fulfillment 

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It’s stating the obvious to say that the legal profession is a stressful one. Chances are that is what brought you here. 

Lawyers live with chronic stress – and that exacts a serious and often painful toll, even for those who love their jobs. Chronic stress brings the risk of a host of physical, mental, and emotional health problems. Yet we persist, slugging it out and pushing ourselves to the limit – and often beyond it – because we believe the trappings of the profession: never-ending deadlines, long work hours, sleepless nights, and stress come with the territory and we must endure them. Sound familiar? I was in practice for over 20 years and I lived it, too.

Sadly, data provides staggering statistics of alcoholism, addictions, substance abuse, and suicides among practicing lawyers and law school students. In fact, law school has been referred to as the Adderall nation.  Perhaps you have trouble sad upset young lawyer summer associate law student stress needs help 300x199 300x199concentrating or sleeping.  You may feel overwhelmed by your workload or the pressure of attracting new clients.  You may feel anxious and that you're constantly flirting with burnout.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re looking for a solution, I can help you. Relief is closer and easier than you think.  The peace of a mountain top can be found close by.   I will work with you to manage stress, improve your focus and productivity, health, and more – with meditation and related techniques. I’ll provide you with the personal support needed to create and sustain your practice. I’ve been teaching meditation for over 15 years. Meditation can be done a few minutes a day, anywhere, has no negative side-effects, and can work for anyone – including you! By learning and incorporating meditation into your life you can renew yourself and regain control, and in just minutes a day.

Business MeditationMeditation help you in your practice 

As an effective weapon against chronic stress, a regular practice of meditation actually changes our physiological response to stress. Meditation has been shown to increase the brain’s gray matter. As a result, you think more clearly. You manage our time more efficiently. Your productivity increases. You are more compassionate. You are a better listener. All these qualities will serve you well in practice. They will serve you equally well in your personal life.

In my experience as a certified meditation teacher, I’ve seen the effectiveness of meditation and the profound changes it has made in people’s professional and personal lives. I’d like to show you how you can change your life in just minutes a day. I’m devoting my career to helping lawyers to safely and effectively handle the stress and pressure of the legal profession and restore and renew themselves and their practices.

Contact me to explore the possbilities and get started.  



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What Others Are Saying

Anxiety, nervousness, and disparaging self-chatter dominated my days and nights after an unexpected job loss. It grew in intensity and velocity as the days wore on. Finding Susan and her guided meditative CD were like gifts from heaven. I felt a calmness and peace that I had not experienced in a long time. The CD is my "go to" the night before interviews as my nervousness disappears ensuring I get a good night's rest. I love the meditative exercises and know that peace is just a breath away. Thank you Susan! --Diane H

From Cultivating Calm in Transition Workshop:

Doing the exercises with you made me a believer! I no longer have to fight the noise in my head. I can control my thoughts and my body. Awesome presentation. I loved how present and in control you were – soft. You had the audience fully engaged. This was great to see and a model to emulate in an interview.


The sample meditations and suggestions were helpful, as was the scientific basis behind the findings. It was great!


Excellent presentation!


Susan’s tip to focus on positive things for 17 seconds to shift our energy was helpful. This is a good tip that I will try and use.


I learned was that if I release stress, I can better handle situations. I also learned the difference between actual and perceived threats and how we respond.


I liked the tools Susan gave on how to cope with stress and challenges of daily life.


It was all good information. Most helpful to me was learning that meditating for five minutes a day can make a difference.


The breathing exercises helped me the most....


The presentation taught me to concern myself with those things I can control, not those I can’t.



From Workplace Meditations:

Wednesday afternoons at the office were our meditation times with Susan. After a few stretching exercises in our darkened conference room, Susan’s soft, soothing voice took us to a place of calm and relaxation. Working in a sales environment, things can be a bit stressful, but after our meditation was over, I felt very relaxed and ready for the rest of the day with a new energy.

I also sat in on an early evening meditation by Susan with a group of people at Ocean Grove Beach in NJ. The combination of Susan’s voice and the waves crashing in the background made the perfect combination for meditation.

I would highly recommend a meditation session with Susan. 

Janet C.

Some of the things that I learned from Susan in our meditation class has really helped me deal with all the stress of being a full time care taker. Sometimes when I can't stand it anymore I use Susan’s deep breathing exercises to calm down. 

Gary E.